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video intervista



Ogni persona ha diritto a una inquadratura diversa:
Intervista a Paolo Verzone



di Baerbel Reinhard e Giuseppe Toscano


Paolo Verzone is unclassifiable, which he likes. With a background in journalism, a field where he continues to work, he has long known that the printed page is not the only place to present a vision or point of view. Thus, alone or with his collaborator, Alessandro Albert, he has undertaken large scale projects that take an in-depth look into today’s world. The most remarkable includes his survey of seaside bathers along the Italian, Lithuanian, French and Finnish coasts. The project spanned many years. His intimate and strict portraits leave room for laughter while representing characters who become a funny but not always joyful reflection of our society. This “leisure society” he frames is neither in place or voided of its own caricature.